Composter and Grug Bin

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A customer approached EnviCor about manufacturing this bin for them based on a prototype they had developed. They were looking to have a strong and durable product in an appropriate color that could be used long term as both a composter and grub farm. In addition to looking for the plastic pieces to be manufactured, they also need additional hardware and components to be sourced and assembled at our facility. As part of the customer solution, EnviCor not only manufactures the plastic components, but also provides partial assembly and packaging of the hardware needed to complete the assembly. We provide packaging and shipping in either bulk to retail outlets or to end users who order single units direct from the manufacturer.

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Project Highlights of Composter and Grub Bin

Product DescriptionComposter and grub bin for home and personal use
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
• CAD Design
• Mold design and fabrication
• Rotational Molding of Parts
• Procurement of accessories and hardware
• Part Trimming
• Component cutting and assembly
• Product Assembly
• Packaging
• Shipping
Overall Part Dimensions30”x18”x16”
Tightest Tolerances±1/32"
Material UsedHDPE .942 Density 2 Melt
Material FinishGrey Color to Customer Spec/Textured
Industry for UseAgriculture
Volume750 annually
Inspection Performed/TestingQuality Control for cosmetic or structural defects
Delivery/Turnaround Time14 days to manufacture/assembly, Daily Shipping
Delivery LocationContinental U.S.
Standards MetCustomer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product NameBioPod Plus